Senior Thesis
Autumn 2022

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1. Topic Overview

2. Brand
3. User Journeys
4. Promotional Items

5. Video



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Cars are confusing machines. For something that a lot of us operate nearly every single day, most people have no idea how exactly they work.

When I bought my first car in 2021, I had to deal with a significant amount of issues right from the start. Within the first month of owning my prized possession, I had replaced an engine and nearly every single spark plug and fuse. During times when something would go wrong, I had no idea what to think–except that my car was going to blow up!

I hated that I felt powerless. I was too intimidated to try and figure out what was going on by myself.



Statement of Intent



Brand Identity





Design System



The App



User Journeys



App Walkthrough



Promotional Items






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